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Patrick Seery, MVS Programmer/Analyst

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Availability Date: 08/28/2008
Telephone Numbers: (608) 221-9309

Current Address:
    3052 Shaw Ct.
    Madison   Wi   USA 

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18800 Lloyd Drive #205
Dallas, TX  75252
  (972) 207-7652

Ten years of MVS analysis and application programming, plus system administration and  testing.  Client/server education plus light experience. Internet Developer certificate.  ASP.NET using C#, in addition to the Certificate.    

COBOL                        ICCF                                RPGII                       
CEDF                                DB2/SQL                        ABENDAID
CICS COMMAND LEVEL        FILE-AID                        REALIA con
CICS/COBOLII                PANVALET                        VM/CMS
BMS                                EYEWITNESS                    VSAM                       
INTERTEST                         SYNCSORT                         XPEDITOR       
MVS/TSO                        GAMMA, a 4GL/CASE tool
VOLLIE                        VIASOFT SMARTEST               MOVE FOR DB2
Gupta                         SQLWindows                        LIBRARIAN                       
File Aid for DB2                 C#                                 PLATINUM FOR DB2               
XML                                EASYTEST on-line                   Visual Basic
POWERBUILDER                ORACLE database                ASP.NET using C#
XHTML                        Java        2.0                        Perl

IBM  30XX                      IBM 40XX                                  IBM PS/2       AMDAHL 30xx clones                          HITACHI 30xx clones                IBM 9672



Web Programming Training
August 2003 – May  2008  
Client/server, web, and OOD programming student and tutor at Madison Area Technical College.  Tutored students in mainframe, Visual Basic, and OO languages.  Classes listed at the end of the resume.    

Computer Sciences Corporation and USAA
May 2003 – July 2003
For Computer Sciences Corporation and USAA, was part of the programming team maintaining and debugging automobile insurance software.  The system consisted of a Gupta SQLWindows client/server front end, IBM mainframe edits, and a DB2 database.  The client/server code made extensive use of handle objects to refer to the data residing on the DB2 database.          

American Family Insurance
September 2004 – March 2005
Participated in the quality control, system, and performance testing of the new client/server Agency Data System.  System tested with and without prepared scripts.  Used SQABasic scripting to performance test applications, the database, and local area network configurations in a simulated insurance agency.  Recommended changes to the coding team.
Lands’ End
April 2004 – July 2004
Was part of the support team for the CICS and batch VSAM COBOLII order entry systems.  Performed analysis, coded, tested, and documented maintenance to the above systems, which are the heart of Lands Ends’ operations. Wrote the users’ security manual for the on-line order entry system.

Wisconsin Physician Service
September 2003 – February 2004
Performed maintenance on the on-line claims processing system.  On-line claims are written to transient data queues.  An automatic transaction initiator with a trigger level of one starts a transaction to edit the claim in the transient data queue.  Once the transaction is complete the claim is written to a different transient data queue, and a different transaction to continue editing the data is started.  In order to check claims history this system makes extensive use of temporary storage and VSAM.
WI Department of Employee Trust Funds
December 2002 - July 2003
Was responsible for the coding, and testing of a batch and on-line CICS, DB2, COBOLII system for SSN deletion.  
    The on-line program writes to the system-wide data entry DB2 table.  The daily batch portion sorts and down loads the data entry table to a flat file.  A COBOLII DB2 program performs extensive edits, prefixes the bad SSN’s with a ‘D’, writes a report, and writes extensive reconciliation entries to the existing reconciliation system.  The annual COBOLII DB2 portion performs edits to insure all amounts have been rolled over to zeros, and deletes the ‘D’ ssn’s from the database.

WI Department of Transportation
December 2001 – December 2002
For the WI Department of Transportation, was responsible for the detail design, coding, and testing for the addition of Metric data to the CICS, COBOLII, DB2, and batch COBOLII DB2 bridge data sys
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