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Clive Hermann, Network Security Consultant

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Networking Consultant and Trainer
30 years experience Managing Computer Networks, coupled with in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies in the broadband and wireless communications systems, have led to a career of unprecedented successes.
Clive has held executive positions in several networking companies.  Today, as president of The NETWORK Network, Inc. he is world-renowned as The consultant to the consultants!
Chief Consultant on most secure network in the USA, Strategic Air Command – Omaha Nebraska.   The communications center selected as the most secure command and control center by the Secret Service.  President Bush was rushed to the location aboard Air Force One on September 11th.  The system includes both commercially available products, and some specifically designed and manufactured for this application.
Clive is one of a handful of people who has both led and trained teams of consultants for such companies such as AT&T, CACI, NORTEL, The RAND Corporation and Lucent.  He has inspired many Fortune 500 companies to deploy the Internet (and its predecessors) as Networked Strategic Weapons to create and retain market dominance.  All of his systems are based on a single - simple - philosophy of making it easier for your customers to do business with you.
Windows 2000 Active Directory, Exchange, C# .Net Application Development,  Biztalk for HIPAA and SharePoint Portal  have been the focus of the last 2 years activities in both consulting and training.
The mission critical nature of the networks he has implemented has led to a specialization in Information Security.  Many of the networks he designed and implemented are now considered benchmarks of secure networks in highly vulnerable environments.  These include: CACI SecureNet for the Strategic AIR Command for the U.S. Air Force, HKTDC - The Global TradeNet Network for Hong Kong Trade Development Commission, ESCOM - National Electrical Power Grid for South Africa, GMADON - General Motors Dealer Order-entry Network.  A unifying theme for all these projects is the recognition that truly secure systems integrate security policies that pervade the entire spectrum of the database, application, operating systems and network design.
Clive's focus is on the Application of Networking to Business Processes.  Since 1982, he and his team have implemented networks to accelerate business processes to achieve competitive dominance. These concepts have been applied around the world: deploying miles of fiber to support the largest Medical LAN in the world at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong. He was also the lead consultant on the development of a Fiber Optic WAN for the Jefferson County School district in Louisville Kentucky - a model for bringing the advanced learning of the Internet and networking to schools for the Department Of Education (DOE).
Clive's combination of consulting, marketing and training skills allow him to leave his knowledge behind when he completes a project.  His strengths include the ability to make rapid critical decisions about the strengths and weaknesses of the latest technologies with sound judgment based on over 25 years of broad International experience.  He also has a proven record of increasing profits while reducing expenses.  He has worked extensively with communications giants such as AT&T, Bell Labs, LUCENT, TELECOM New Zealand, SBC, and BellSouth.  He and his team have written RFP's and evaluated proposals for major network users, and has also led teams in creating unique business propositions such as that to the Indian Government Department of Telecommunications.
CAs an internationally recognized seminar leader, Clive has trained over 40,000 students on 4 continents. This has covered the entire the entire spectrum of IT technologies , both with specific custom tailored application-oriented courses for Fortune 500 companies, as well as the more traditional Cisco and Microsoft Certification Courses.
Clive continues to perfect his excellent
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