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Jeffrey R. Stone [NH]Retired Consulting Software Engineer
Available, No Agents John Raleigh -NOW- [NH]Database Programmer, Consultant
Joseph J Marini [NH]Software Engineer (UI, Mobile, Full Stack Java)
Henry Duppstadt [NH]Manager
James OConnor 2019-09-01 [NH]Software Consultant
Available Peter Ierardi -NOW- [NH]CTO//IoT/Senior Cloud/.Net SOA Architect/Principal Software Engineer/WCF/C#/WWF/WPF/MVC
Available, No Agents Lance Keene -NOW- [NH]ASP.Net Programmer Architect / DotNetNuke / C# Consultant / VB.Net Developer / SQL Server / .Net Arc
Mark Ellison [NH]Principal Consultant   Charter Member
Available Gerald Curry -NOW- [NH]Consulting Software Engineer
Available Jonathan Leer -NOW- [NH]Technical writer
Nathan McNulty [NH]
Tom Goltz [NH]Embedded Software Engineer
Available Ron Gross -NOW- [NH]Consultant, Software Engineer
Available William Ritchotte -NOW- [NH]Database, Data warehouse, ETL and BI specialist
Available Sarwan Aggarwal -NOW- [NH]Software Engineer
Martin Rodriguez [NH]Tech Advisor
John (Jay) Doggett [NH]
Available Kevin Short -NOW- [NH]Principal Automation Software Engineer / DevOps / Embedded / Real-Time
Bob Thomson 2015-05-04 [NH]Software Engineer Consultant
Bruno Pape 2013-12-20 [NH]Embedded Systems Developer
Donald MacLaren 2003-01-06 [NH]Java Consultant
Burt Janz 2013-10-20 [NH]Senior Software Engineer   Charter Member
Available Henry Gosselin -NOW- [NH]Senior ITIL Consultant
Gary McGath [NH]Software developer
Available, No Agents H. Jeffrey Fencer -NOW- [NH]Consultant
Joe Drewn 2009-01-26 [NH]Software Consultant
Donna Cote 2012-12-06 [NH]Business Analyst/Advanced Programmer
Stephen Keohane 2012-11-01 [NH]Software Design and Development
Available Wendy Wasmuth -NOW- [NH]Software Engineer/Consultant
Rich Parisi hidden [NH]President
David Gourley 2012-04-06 [NH]Database Developer
Dave Howard 2012-04-01 [NH]Software Engineer
Robert Davitt 2002-01-15 [NH]Consulting Software Engineer   Charter Member
Available Dewey Harris -NOW- [NH]Software Engineer
Available Robert Ray -NOW- [NH]Agile OO Solution Architect, Project Mgr, MCSD, MCAD, SW Configuration Mgr, SW Release Engineer, Sy   Charter Member
George Wilk 2012-01-01 [NH]Consulting Software Engineer\Architect
Stephen Corbin 2007-01-01 [NH]Software Consultant   Charter Member
Available Michael R Royce -NOW- [NH]Contract Software Developer / COBOL to Windows conversion
Chris Kujawa 2011-08-31 [NH]Software Developer
Mike Gagnon [NH]Data Quality and Data Warehousing Expert, Tech Lead, Data Architect, Software Developer
Richard Weeks 2011-08-01 [NH]Consultant
Steven Carr [NH]Senior SAP Consultant MM/PP/SD/VC
Available Manny Jasus -NOW- [NH]Software QA/Test Engineer
Tom Flaherty 2010-05-05 [NH]Data Warehousing Consultant
Lawrence D. Lopez 2010-04-01 [NH]Software Engineer
Donald B. Hamson 2010-01-01 [NH]Principle Software Developer OO Technology   Charter Member
John Bernard 2010-04-01 [NH]IBM AS400 & Microsoft Applications Consultant
Mimi Tam 2010-01-15 [NH]C, C++, C#, .NET, Java Software Engineer / Software Architect
Christina Burnham 2009-01-15 [NH]Software Engineer
Joseph Gamache 2009-08-30 [NH]OO Consultant / Architect
Michael Bell 2009-03-01 [NH]Unified Communications /VOIP /Network Architect /Engineer
Available, No Agents Craig Cleaveland -NOW- [NH]Software Consultant/Contractor/Instructor Internet/Java/XML/Web Applications/Specification-driven sy
Karl Meissner 2007-06-01 [NH]Consultant- C#,C++, Java, SQL
Greg Bellucci [NH]Principal Software Engineer
Stephen Jones 2008-07-01 [NH]Diagnostics Engineer
Ron Chase 2007-11-01 [NH]Embedded Systems Engineer
Benn Boulton 2008-07-01 [NH]Consultant, Software Engineer
Available, No Agents Carl Leander -NOW- [NH]Senior Software Engineer
Eric Dennison 2008-07-01 [NH]Software Engineer
Michael McLean 2007-09-17 [NH]Security Architect
Richard Wood 2009-01-01 [NH]Consultant, Sr. Software Engineer
Christopher Pond 2007-06-01 [NH]Java Software Engineer & Architect -- NH and Northern MA only!   Charter Member
Peter Stopera 2007-04-15 [NH]Software Engineer
John Hutchinson 2007-03-12 [NH]Contract Recruiter
Keshani 2007-04-01 [NH]Technical Team Lead/Principal Consultant/Principal Software Engineer
David Wood [NH]Software Engineer
Jason Sutherland hidden [NH]Unix Systems Administrator
Available Timothy Golden -NOW- [NH]Software Engineer, BSEE
James Twine [NH]Consultant, Principal Software Engineer, Team Leader
Vincent Federico 2003-06-12 [NH]Consultant
William Morris 2002-09-17 [NH]Software Engineer
Stephen LaValley 2002-08-28 [NH]Lead Software Developer
Available Lee Mowatt -NOW- [NH]Systems Engineer, Consultant
Michael Callaghan hidden [NH]Software Architect
Available Jo-Ann Albert -NOW- [NH]Software Engineering Consultant
Michael Kropp 2001-10-01 [NH]Chief Architect
R Keith Beal 2000-10-06 [NH]President
Marc Mercier 2000-06-13 [NH]Consultant, Owner
David Smith hidden [NH]Software Engineering Consultant

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