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David Quinn, Consultant: Microcontroller / Hardware / Firmware / Software Eng.
Quinn Embedded Design

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Availability Date: 12/23/2013  (NO RECRUITERS PLEASE)
Telephone Numbers: 321-634-2670

Current Address:
    Jim Thorpe   Pennsylvania   USA 18229

E-Mail Address:

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Nation-wide commute range


Knowledge and Experience:

  • Hardware Design: (30+ years): Digital, Analog,  R.F., Mixed-Signal, Video.
  • Power Supply: (Single Phase / Three Phase), Inverter, Battery Backup, Charger, Li-ion (Lithium Ion)  / LiFePO4.
  • Programming: 25+ years C / Assembly: Cooperative Multitasking / Super-loops / Round Robin / Time Dispatcher / State Machines.
  • Embedded Linux Knowledge: (Microchip platform) / listed as a “Microchip Design Partner”.
  • Safety: Vital related design: Creepage / clearance / grounding / Fail-Safe / leakage. ex: standards such as IEC 60950.
  • Switching Power Supply: design (DC to  DC converters / Inverters): typically 80-90% efficient, Familiar: Mil-Std704 / Mil-Std1275D.
  • Board Level Design: Discrete component level, up to high-density Digital / Analog integrated circuits.
  • Analog Design: Low Noise Analog, Op-Amps, Mixed Signal, Audio (including Class-D), ASIC and Power Supply .
  • Digital Design: Logic families include CMOS: CD4000, LVC, 74HC, 74HCT, LVT, LVX. Bipolar: TTL / LSTTL / ECL / PECL. Detailed understanding of timing, logic voltage thresholds, setup and hold timing employed in successful, bug-free digital designs.
  • High Power Peripheral Drivers: for driving solenoids, motors, flow controllers, flow sensors & proportional valves.
  • Motor Control Servo-Loop applications: Actuators using Wheatstone Bridge, Load-Cells, Resolution tracking resolver to digital converter for angular motor position tracking.
  • EWIS (Enhanced Wiring Integrity System): (Electrical Wiring Interconnection System)
  • Programmable Logic: CPLDs, FPGAs and ASICs with on-board mixed signal.
  • Communications: SPI,  I2C,  RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, USB, LVDS, FSK, HART, Ethernet, CAN, Infrared, ARINC.
  • Microcontrollers: ARM-STR912, Microchip PIC, MSP430, 8051 / 8052,  Z80, 68xx, 68xxx, 6502, X86, 8748, 8749, T.I. TMS320 .
  • Sensors: Current, PIR, Infrared, Thermal, Pressure, Altitude,  Proximity, Wheatstone Bridge.
  • Schematic Capture: Altium, Mentor Graphics (Very Best),  PADs,  Orcad, Sunstone, Autocad.
  • EMI / EMC compliance: RF: FCC Part-15 (A&B), Mil-Std-461, Miniature transmitter design, Microwave (during military).
  • Telephony and Modem: FCC part-68 (POTS / DAA), TVS (ESD, Transient Voltage and Standard Lightning protection).
  • Battery Management / Fuel Gauge Design: Sealed Lead Acid, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion and Lithium Iron Phosphate.
  • Solar Power technology: Familiarity gained through research an strong interest.
  • Component Engineering: work closely with suppliers and manufacturers (CEMs / BOMs), qualify samples.
  • Documentation: Expert Witness, Technical writing skills, Failure Analysis, BOMs, CAD, Production, Tech. Support and Purchasing.
  • Military Document Guidelines: DO-254, DSCC-Military part numbers, Mil-Std 1547 (component derating) and MIL-STD-704E.
  • RF: Military - Microwave Transmitters / Receivers and associated Telemetry equipment Tropospheric Scatter, FM / AM transmitters.

checkbox Willing to work over the internet
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checkbox Work Offsite ONLY
Citizenship: USA

Years of experience: 30
List of Skill sets: (premium service)

Acceptable Contract arrangements:
checkbox I do use contract agents/recruiters.
checkbox I am an Independent Corporation.
checkbox I am a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
checkbox I use an Umbrella company as employer of record.
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