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Todd Rhodes, Senior Software Engineer; Instrumentation & Automation
Rhodes Automation LLC

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Availability Date: 06/15/2021
Telephone Numbers: 508-648-1617

Current Address:
    Greater Boston Area
      Massachusetts   USA 01776

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Rhodes Automation LLC:

Software to drive Capital Equipment, Medical Devices, Instrumentation, Optical Instruments, and Materials Processing Equipment

1.  Windows Architecture and Programming [C# / .Net / Windows Forms (Winforms), C++]
2.  Embedded Software and architecture for medical instruments and devices (TCP/IP, Embedded Linux, VXWorks, PXA255 ARM processors, Gumstix, PowerPC, PPC, PPC460GT, 460GT, AMCC Glacier, AMCC Canyonlands, u-boot, uboot, 8051)3.  Linux programming (TCP/IP Sockets, POSIX threads & semaphores)
3.  Communication Protocols and hardware interfaces (TCP/IP, RS-232, SECS, GEM, HSMS, SEMI E30, NET/H, NETH, MELSEC, MELSECNETH, Digital I/O, Analog I/O, Subsystem Control)  
4.  Software Project and Department Management including software process and lifecycle.  Tools: Subversion, JIRA, Bugtrack, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, GDB

, Applications:
 - Repeatable Manufacturing/Automation
 - Machine Vision and Image Processing; focus and measurement algorithms; automatic navigation
 - Instrumentation/Machinery (Automatic, technically complex instrumentation, capital equipment and medical instruments)
 - Semiconductor/semi manufacturing/metrology, flat panel display (fpd) manufacturing, photovoltaic manufacturing - Project Management and software architectures for integration of process equipment into factory environments [CIM, EDC, APC]
 - Complex lithography (steppers), roll-to-roll processing, flexible web material handling and chucking, optical substrate alignment using pattern recognition and fiducial finding, material movement servoing, material tension management, web handling.
 - Metrology and test - Automated CD and RG (overlay) measurement equipment and applications.  Automated test equipment and recipe-driven architectures and calibration layers
 - Factory Automation
 - Automated Medical Devices - MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) & PET/CT scanners/systems, life support systems, fluid management systems, etc.)

Project Management and software architectures for factory layout, cell controllers, EDC/APC; work with equipment vendors for successful integration.  Factory Integration Services provided for integrating any computer controlled equipment into a factory using custom software.

Experience managing projects internationally (Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China), as well as the USA.
Have managed long-distance and international projects using internet services and emulated hardware and software, performing final onsite integration as required.  Will work hourly, or can provide fixed-price quotes.
Medical devices, Semiconductor and Flat Panel Display industries
[SECS GEM GEM300 HSMS Interface-A CIM GWGEM Cimetrix Asyst EDA FA Factory Automation MA Massachusetts Consultant]
[semiconductor factory consulting / semiconductor factory consultant]
[semiconductor capital equipment]

[fpd factory consulting / fpd factory consultant]
[flat panel display factory consulting / flat panel display factory consultant / factory consulting]
[cim consultant / cim consultant / factory cim consulting / factory cim consultant]
[factory software consulting / factory software consultant]
[cim software consultant / factory software consulting]
[factory integration consultant / machine integration services / machine integration consultant]

[Mitsubishi Q80 Q80BD Q80BD-J71 Q80BD-J71BR11 PLC]

checkbox Willing to work over the internet
checkbox Willing to Relocate
checkbox Work Offsite ONLY
Citizenship: US

Years of experience: 20
List of Skills:
Capital Equipment
Pattern Recognition
Machine Vision
Vision Systems
Laser Systems
Smart Cameras
Medical Devices
Medical Imaging
Embedded Systems
Embedded Linux
Serial, RS232
Process Control
Windows API
Consulting:Project Management
Consulting:Quality Assurance:Automated Software Testing
Consulting:Software Architect
Consulting:System/Software Engineering Infrastructure
IDE:Visual Studio:VS2017; VS2019
IDE:Windows .NET
Industry:Engineering:Industrial Engineers
Industry:Manufacturing:Process Control
Languages:Ada 83/95
Languages:Ladder Logic
Languages:Logic Programming
Languages:Unix shell
Languages:VS Basic
Management:Project Manager
Object Oriented Design & Analysis
Operating System:Embedded Systems
Operating System:Linux
Operating System:MS DOS
Operating System:MS Windows
Operating System:MS Windows 2000
Operating System:MS Windows XP
Operating System:MS Windows:Scripting Languages
Operating System:MS WindowsNT
Operating System:UNIX
Operating System:UNIX:SunOS/Solaris
Operating System:VRTX
Operating System:VXWorks
Operating System:Windows 2000
Porting:DOS to Windows
Operating System:Linux
Operating System:Unix
Systems Integration
Device Drivers
Technical Writing:Requirements Documentation
Testing:Diagnostic Engineering
Testing:Software Verification
Testing:Test Development
Testing:Test Tools
Tools:Bus Analyzers
Tools:Logic Analyzers
Tools:Protocol Analyzers

Acceptable Contract arrangements:
checkbox I do use contract agents/recruiters.
checkbox I am an Independent Corporation.
checkbox I am a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
checkbox I use an Umbrella company as employer of record.
checkbox I am an Independent Sole Proprietor (1099).
checkbox I can be an Employee of an Agent (W2).
checkbox I can be convertible to Employee of Client.
checkbox I am also looking for part-time work.
checkbox I will also bid fixed price work.

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