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Mediostream, Inc

Address:   Mediostream, Inc
2107 North First St, Ste 530
San Jose CA 95131 USA
Contact:   Jasmine Yip,   Human Resources
Web Page:
Telephone:   408/ 452-5500
Fax:   408/ 452-5522
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    About MedioStream

    Formerly known as Medio Systems, MedioStream, Inc. delivers the latest digital video technology to the consumer market through innovative, simple and easy-to-use software solutions. MedioStream's digital video solutions include real-time authoring software and multi-format conversion options.

    As a leader in Host Signal Processing (HSP) technology, MedioStream pioneered the first real-time software MPEG-2 and DVD codecs, which can greatly enhance the functionality and features of digital VCR, DVD authoring, video streaming, and video editing applications. MedioStream is the first company to offer a complete end-to-end software solution that integrates real-time DV to MPEG-2 conversion with DVD authoring and burning.

    Founded in September 1998, MedioStream is based in San Jose, California.

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