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Address:   HI-TECH Inc.
50 Riverside Drive
50 Riverside Drive
New york NY 10024 USA
Contact:   Godswill Smith,   Mr
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Telephone:   7940003000
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  • checkbox Business Services
    Most of your revenue is from business support services for CONTRACTORS (Umbrella (and employer-of-record), business insurance, accounting, legal, payroll admin, benefits, training, factoring, etc.)
  • checkbox Hiring Manager (End client)
    Obtain contractors for use on your own projects, not placement at another company's facility (no third party).
  • checkbox Marketing Services
    Locates clients on finders fee bases. Consultant contracts direct with hiring manager (end client)
  • checkbox Offshore Software Services
    Offer services and personnel from other countries. (h1b)


    Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we receive from our clients. If you find that any of the questions are not answered to your satisfaction, or you want further details, please feel free to contact us at

    What is unique about Hitech Export, Inc.'s services?
    Hitech Export, Inc. acts as an ideal consulting partner for your business needs with a commitment to provide high quality cost effective services by following the best practices in the industry. We believe in timely completion of projects, keeping close communication with you at all times.

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    Are you affiliated to any international associations?
    We are a full-time member of the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) and are also affiliated to the American Business Club of US Commercial services.

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    Do you have any disaster management measures in place?
    We have two top-notch service delivery centers in India. In case of emergency, these centers can provide the required services. These back-up offices are fully geared to function as an extension to all facilities, services, data, and manpower for the affected center of operation.

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    Would you be able to hand over references at our request?
    Yes. We have worked with over 200+ clients and can easily provide client references.

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    How does your company efficiently combine all its services under one roof?
    Hitech Export, Inc. provides a variety of services under the categories of Data Management, Document Management, Back office Operations, Image Management and Software Development. While all these services are grouped under one roof, each has its own administration system and chain of command. This ensures that each and every project coming our way is directed to the concerned department without any delay or ambiguity.

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    How advanced are your technological resources?
    We have instated sophisticated technological resources. We have multiple (T-1) lines for high speed data communication. Apart from that, we have a dedicated computer for each employee. We also use the latest software and equipment relevant to each department that facilitates ease of work, and in turn, higher productivity.

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    What is the preferred means of communication? (Email, MSN, ICQ, phone, fax, etc)
    Email and Chat (MSN/Yahoo/Aol) are the most preferred mediums of communication. However, you can contact us through phone and facsimile also as and when required. While discussing project requirements, we normally use NetMeeting, GotoMyPC etc.

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    What are your normal working hours?
    We normally work 6 days a week, round the clock in 3 shifts. However, for projects with tight schedules, we can work 7 days a week.

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    How do we send assignments to you?
    You can send assignments through e-mail or FTP. Once the project is finalized, your future correspondence will be with the concerned department's head.

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    How often will we get updates regarding the progress of the project?
    We provide you with weekly updates about the developments of a project.

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    Tell us about the quality of your personnel.
    Hitech Export, Inc. has a meticulous process of hiring personnel. We incorporate stringent hiring policy to ensure consistency of human resources. Furthermore, we provide regular training to our staff to make sure their productivity levels are always high. We organize workshops regularly to introduce our employees to new trends in the industry so that they are constantly in sync.

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    What does your software development team specialize in?
    Our software professionals are well-versed in various programming tools and languages like, Microsoft ASP, Java, JSP, and ASP.NET etc. They also handle projects related to different platforms like Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Linux.

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    Do you provide the source code for applications you develop?
    We furnish you with the source code of all the software developed by our software team.

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    Does your software development team undertake only programming assignments?
    Our software professionals take up web designing projects as well.

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    How do you ensure that all your programs are error free and safe to use?
    We have a team of Quality Assurance and Testing that work along with the programmers. Load tests are done on a regular basis to check the functionality and performance of the applications.

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    For continuous processes involving Data Management and Document Management such as data entry, data processing, data capture and the likes, how do you ensure quality, accuracy and compliance to deadlines?
    Over and above the fact that we employ skilled operators and train them frequently, we maintain strict work timings. We ensure that our staff works in shifts so that there is no fall in the accuracy of work. Every employee works for a fixed number of hours, and a fresh staff takes over before any slack sets in. This continuous cycle guarantees conformity to deadlines and high quality project delivery.

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    What software do you use for data entry services?
    We do not rely on any specific software. We have no hassles in using software selected or provided by the client.

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    Do you provide samples and pilot tests free of cost?
    Yes. This will enable you to have a better idea about the quality of our work and at the same time allow us to understand the project better and therefore give you a competitive quote.


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