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Address:   IMN
9823 Summerwood Circle
Dallas TX 75243 USA
Contact:   Stevelyn Barnes,   Recruiter
Web Page:
Telephone:   888-807-5552
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  • checkbox Contract Agent/Broker/Recruiter
    Most Revenue is from contractor job placement services. Responsible for providing personnel only.

    I am interested in working with person's who want to work remotely if you understand software and build it you will do really well in this kind of work.



    IMN in partnership with Instant Rewards, a leading marketing company, has created this ground-breaking system to help our marketers promote top companies and earn high commissions. IMN helps make marketing easier and simpler to navigate. Our system is user friendly and uncomplicated, thus making it appealing to lead generation. We have revolutionized this process and made it unlike any other system available today.
    IMN works as a middle man between advertisers and their potential customers. Netflix, Blockbuster, DirecTV, Profinity Walmart, Gamefly and several other major corporations are all represented through Instant Rewards. Instant Rewards pays out daily, directly through the options of PayPal or direct bank transfer.
    This innovative system will allow you to automate your marketing process and help you generate income with ease. Our company lets you access a large collection of professionally designed training material. Lead generation and marketing has never been easier.
    Now, you can get started TODAY and start earning money in a few hours.
    Sign up now to earn. Its quick, easy, and free!
    With IMN, you can make money online by simply signing up for and promoting trial offers from well known Fortune 500 companies without doing any selling or cold calling. It's free to join, so get started today!

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