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Address:   KLYSTOS
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    Most Revenue is from contractor job placement services. Responsible for providing personnel only.



    In In 1979, I formed a corporation called Compute Data Inc. to provide all things related to computers. This was before there was a Microsoft or a Symantec or many of the other commonly known names in the computer industry. It was the Days of IBM, Burroughs, Control Data and Honeywell. Many of the major computer companies of that era are gone; DEC, Wang, RCA, and Xerox. But I am still here. If it has a computer attached to it, I have probably done something with it. In 2005, we changed the name to Klystos (the Greek work for wave). Many of the fads in the computer industry are like waves. They appear on the horizon, build, crest and hit the beach only to dissipate and be replaced by another wave. But, we are still here. William F Fiore


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