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    Most of your revenue is from market your own software products or custom products at your own site.

    PowerUp Games™ has provided game enthusiasts with information about game testing since 2006. Our mission is to empower future game testers and publishers with a community to advance their respective needs. We believe that providing more end-user feedback into the development of games will benefit all parties involved. In the past this process was expensive. Through automation, community development, and an understanding of game development, PowerUp Games has significantly reduced the costs associated with incorporating these tools into the development process.

    Another mission of PowerUp Games is educating future game testers and filling the void of game testing information. Bad or misleading content that is published on the internet abounds in game testing. People who write articles for a living are creating subscriptions, lists, how to stay at home and be a game tester guides, etc. with either only a superficial understanding of the video games industry, just reading other internet articles and creating their own article, or just creating something to publish and sell to take advantage of the video game enthusiast.

    These actions could prevent good candidates from entering the industry and thereby hurt the industry itself. Without a source for real information presented in a way that is quick to learn and complete, these practices can continue without hindrance. To address this issue, PowerUp Games developed their Certification program.

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