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Michael Condra [CA]Windows Desktop Developer -- Active Trader / Financial
Available Matthew Delaney -NOW- [PA]Software Engineer
Available, No Agents Kevin McKenna 2021-09-01 [MA]Senior Software Engineer
Available, No Agents John Raleigh -NOW- [NH]Database Programmer, Consultant
Jeffrey Cochand [MA]System Consultant / Software Developer
Available Carlos Portela -NOW- [FL]React JS, React Native, Node, Hapi, Express, iOS, Swift, JavaScript, CSS
Yuan Meng 2018-05-07 [CA]Software Development Consultant
Uday Pendem [NY]Software Engineer
Timothy Welsh 2017-01-01 [FL]
Neal Miller 2013-09-20 [IL]Consultant
Available Louis Jackson -NOW- [CT]Software Developer
Anvar Khodzhaev 2015-11-01 [TX]SharePoint/.Net Software Architect
Bob Thomson 2015-05-04 [NH]Software Engineer Consultant
Available Jay Johnson -NOW- [TX]GIS Administrator and Developer
Available Ali Beydoun -NOW- [CA]Highly-Skilled Full-Stack Engineer (.NET, MVC, Mobile, Desktop, SQL)
Available, No Agents Andrew Dallas -NOW- [MA]President
Available, No Agents SRINIVASAN SARIPALLI -NOW- [India]Senior Software Engineer
Available roderick maclan -NOW- [CA]Data Scientist
Available Neil Konitzer -NOW- [VA]Sr. Software Consultant
Scott Ames 2013-06-27 [MA]Senior Software Engineer
Chuck Miller 2012-08-31 [NJ]Solutions Architect, CSP,CSM - C# (Silverlight/WinForm),MVVM,EF/ORM,TFS,IdeaBlade,DotNetNuke
Michael Cassens 2012-09-01 [MT]Software Developer,MCSD,MCPSB, MS
Available Jarrod Pozarnsky -NOW- [CO]Microsoft Certified .NET Developer
Nathan Sloan hidden [NV]Software Engineer, Consultant
Steve Samarov 2011-02-01 [MA]software architect/consultant
Abunaser Faisal 2009-08-04 [OK]Consultant
Peter LePage 2008-09-01 [FL]Consultant

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