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id nameavailablelocaltitle
2010Available Cyril Pertsev -NOW- [CA]Software Engineer,Consultant,Project Manager
2013 David Garnett 2020-01-01 [CA]Software Systems Architect/Developer (C++, C, Linux, VxWorks, Win/XP/2K/NT, Real-Time Embedded Syste
2014 Raymond Juris 2006-06-26 [CT]Software Developer
2019Available Larry Cutshaw -NOW- [TN]AS/400 Systems Analyst/Programmer, Consultant, EDI Gentran, Premenos/Harbinger/Trusted Link, Infiniu
2020Available Peter Ierardi -NOW- [NH]CTO//IoT/Senior Cloud/.Net SOA Architect/Principal Software Engineer/WCF/C#/WWF/WPF/MVC
2043 James Hunter 2003-02-20 [NC]Lotus Notes R4 Principal Certified Lotus Professional Developer & Administrator
2064Available Timothy Golden -NOW- [NH]Software Engineer, BSEE
2084Available, No Agents Alia Michaels -NOW- [OH]Technical Writer (Online Help & User Manuals), Course Developer
2130Available Paul Burrer -NOW- [TX]Consultant
2138Available, No Agents Peter Gorbach -NOW- [MA]Software Engineer/Architect
2142Available Manny Jasus -NOW- [NH]Software QA/Test Engineer
2146 Todd Levy 2011-12-31 [NY]Information Security Professional
2173Available Barry Fisher -NOW- [MA]PMP, LSSGB
2182Available Gregory White 2021-07-01 [AZ]Full Stack Web Application Engineer
2184 Eric Anderson 2011-01-01 [WA]Software Architect
2198 Brent Lewis 2008-12-01 [NV]AS/400 Modernization Consultant
2200 Ed Collins 2012-07-01 [MA]Principal Technical Writer, Consultant
2205 B. D. Beck Beykpour 2009-04-14 [CA]Software Developer
2280 Joseph Gamache 2009-08-30 [NH]OO Consultant / Architect
2296Available Dewey Harris -NOW- [NH]Software Engineer
2309Available James Kaub -NOW- [NJ]SAP Consultant
2365 Erik Stogo 2012-01-01 [TX]Consultant
2393 Tony Carey 2008-01-01 [PA]Oracle DBA/Developer
2432 JoAnne Keeney hidden [AZ]Software Technical Writer
2442 Tom Villars 2013-12-31 [TN]Consultant
2458 Lawrence D. Lopez 2010-04-01 [NH]Software Engineer
2459Available Irv Boichuk -NOW- [BC]Sr. Consultant
2486 Scott Haggerty [FL]Project, Program, and Product Manager, RUP/Process Manager, Senior Business and Systems Analyst
2495Available Patrick Timlick -NOW- [AZ]Software Engineer
2520Available Charles Johnson -NOW- [VA]Principal Consultant
2534Available Jim Espaillat -NOW- [NJ]Senior .NET Architect/Developer
2541Available Tom Reznicek -NOW- [NY]SAP Senior Level Lead Developer(6.0 ABAP/4(RICEF), WebDynpro ABAP, PI, EDI)
2545 Tim Stewart hidden [CO]Senior .NET Architect/Developer
2549 Gloria Woerheide 2010-02-22 [CT]Business Systems Analyst, Project Manager, Application Developer: PowerBuilder, Visual Basic .Net, a
2555Available Stewart Berman -NOW- [NY]Consultant (VBA, MS Access, MS Excel)
2558Available Carlos Portela -NOW- [FL]React JS, React Native, Node, Hapi, Express, iOS, Swift, JavaScript, CSS
2561 Brian Driscoll 2013-12-31 [NY]Software Engineer
2595 Jeffrey Cochand [MA]System Consultant / Software Developer
2609Available Lynn Erickson -NOW- [UT]Real Time Embedded Firmware Software & Hardware Engineer
2617Available, No Agents Bob Coward -NOW- [GA]Microsoft Dynamics AX \\\\ X++ MorphX technical development \\\\ SSRS Report Data Provider \\\\ Ente
2625 J Rogowsky 2007-08-06 [CO]GUI Designer/Developer Java/Swing X-Windows/Motif C/C++/Java
2634 Scott Martin [RI]Consultant
2636 Tom Woolman 2014-09-01 [VA]Senior Systems Architect, Hyperion EPM Consultant
2657Available Timothy Hornsby -NOW- [FL]Embedded Systems and Software Engineer
2668Available Alex Vilner -NOW- [RI]Database Architect/Developer/Project Manager/Performance Tuning Consultant (Microsoft SQL Server, Or
2678Availablewithin 14 days Mark Lefcowitz -NOW- [VA]Principal Process Engineer / Sr. Business Process Engineer / Sr. Project Manager / Sr. Business Anal
2686 Dave Ducray 2011-03-01 [TX]Supply chain team lead (SAP SD, LE, WMS and SCM)
2709 John Gray 2012-05-01 [DE]Software Engineer
2731 Anvar Khodzhaev 2015-11-01 [TX]SharePoint/.Net Software Architect
2736Available James Eshelman -NOW- [MA]Software Consultant
2739 David Cawley [PA]Senior SAP Technical Consultant
2787 Tim Kennerly [GA]Software Developer / Software Engineer / IT Consultant / Contractor
2791 Catherine Kozlowski [VA]Consultant
2800Available Phyllis Johnson -NOW- [NJ]Consultant - Sr. Programmer/Analyst
2802Available, No Agents Craig Cleaveland -NOW- [NH]Software Consultant/Contractor/Instructor Internet/Java/XML/Web Applications/Specification-driven sy
2819 Del Thornton 2014-03-01 [WA]Consultant
2829 Ed Swartz 2006-01-18 [MA]Consultant/Software Engineer
2832 David Ezzio 2009-09-01 [ME]Java Developer
2863Available Gerald Nass -NOW- [NJ]SAP Consultant
2871 Gene Olafsen 2017-06-13 [MA]Architect / Senior Consultant
2874 Mark Purinton 2017-11-15 [MA]Hardware/Software Configuration/Release Manager/Tool Developer
2875 Jeffrey R. Stone [NH]Retired Consulting Software Engineer
2880 Charles Harris 2010-06-14 [VA]Software Development Consultant
2885 Luis Saenz 2014-12-01 [TX]Control Systems Engineer
2924 Gordon Jones 2015-10-01 [VA]Consultant
2938 Michael Waluk 2013-10-01 [MA]Software Architect - J2EE, HTML5, JS, Flex, XML
2944Available Kankan Roy -NOW- [OH]Architect & Designer
2975 Robert S. Buckles hidden [IN]Developer - Access, Excel, Office
2980Available Walter Holliday -NOW- [OH]Consultant, .Net Architect/Developer
2984Available BRUCE C. JOHNSON -NOW- [MN]Senior IT Consultant

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