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within 14 days Greg McPherran hidden [MA]Software Engineering Services
Richard Fine 2020-07-01 [MA]Software Engineer Consultant
Available Jody Ono -NOW- [CA]Design Engineer
Jean-Pierre Sainfeld 2020-01-01 [CA]Technology Consultant
Available, No Agents Flip Sarrow -NOW- [CA]Electrical Engineer
Available, No Agents Floyd Goldstein -NOW- [CA]Software Consultant: Embedded and Host
Available William Bauer -NOW- [CA]Software/Hardware Engineer
Harikant Gujarathi [India]Contractor
Available Ron Gross -NOW- [NH]Consultant, Software Engineer
Available JR Crossett -NOW- [NY]Software Engineer Embedded   Charter Member
David Quinn 2013-12-23 [PA]Consultant: Microcontroller / Hardware / Firmware / Software Eng.
Heath Rogers 2007-01-12 [DE]Embedded Software Engineer
Thomas Albertin 2013-07-15 [MA]Software / Systems Consultant
Available Arthur LeDuc -NOW- [VT]Software Engineer/Project Management
Joe Drewn 2009-01-26 [NH]Software Consultant
Gregory Nutt 2009-10-05 [FL]Consulting Software Engineer
Vance Neff 2011-11-01 [MI]Software Engineer
Duane Strong 2009-01-01 [CA]Software Engineer
Stephen Jones 2008-07-01 [NH]Diagnostics Engineer
Harshavardhan Bokil 2007-11-15 [India]Embedded software Developer

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