Privacy Statement

Information Disclosure

We gather information about the subscribers of the Software Contractors' Guild at sites including but not limited to:
Therefore, we think you should fully understand the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of that information.

We collect and store the following information-

Software Contractor Profiles:
First/Last Name (required)
Mailing Address (state and country required)
Internal Email Address (private, required)
Public Email Address
Home Page URL
Telephone Number with Area Code

Availability Date
Years of Experience
Skill Set

Password (private, one-way encrypted)
Subscription Due Date and Status

For Credit Card dues payments:
Credit Card information is maintained by PayPal and not by the ScGuild site.

Company Profiles:
Company Name (required)
Mailing Address
Email Address (required)
Web Page(s) and Logo URL
Type of company
Company Description
Subscription Due Date and Status
Password (private, one-way encrypted)

Job ID and title
Date posted
Listing company's name
Contact's name, email address, phone
Job location
Job title
Job description

How information is collected

Web data entry forms:
The Contractor/Company/Job information is obtained through web entry forms. Only the data indicated above is required. Any information the subscriber does not want exposed to the Internet should not be provided.

Any software contractor who is serious about their career will treat it as a real business. The resume and profile pages are a sort of company brochure. The SCGuild provides a means to advertise that business by giving that brochure the maximum exposure possible.

Along with this exposure to potential clients comes exposure to the Internet by search engines and robots looking for resumes. This implies some risks. This will almost always generate unwanted junk email and possibly telephone contact for purposes other than the software contracting business. This is part of the cost of running a business. The software contractor should seriously weigh the utility of exposing personal information in the profile of their software contracting business.

For those subscribers who buy premium services using an on-line credit card transaction, the SCGuild does NOT see or retain the credit card information. This is handled entirely by PayPal in their secure environment.

Some job information is obtained by software robots that extract job information from a subscribing company's website by special arrangement.

Search Keywords:
The top 100 keywords requested from our own search engine are accumulated and indexed. No personally-identifiable information related to the originator of the search is retained.

Choice: Opt-In
All data retained is an Opt-In Choice. We retain only explicitly collected data. No personal data is obtained from third parties or derived from the web.

All data (except those indicated as private) are displayed on the web pages of the SCGuild for all to see.

All data (including private data) entered by a subscriber may be accessed and modified or deleted only by that subscriber who can navigate to the update page(s) and enter their private password. This data can also be modified by use of a closely-gaurded master password.

All information retained for a subscriber can be deleted by the subscriber by logging in and selecting the delete option or by sending email to SCGuild support requesting deletion. This function removes all data in the database immediately. This deleted information is retained in off-line archives used for no other purpose than to restore the subscription upon a request from the subscriber.

Web Server Hit information:
Server logs are analyzed and hit counts are accumulated by contractor, company, and job as well as the entire site. Server logs are not retained. No personally-identifiable information for a visitor is obtained.

The SCGuild uses cookies to maintain a login session. The cookie is removed or expires when the session terminates.

How information is used:

Use of Collected data
The SCGuild uses the collected data for its primary purpose and that is to post the information on the web to provide maximum possible exposure. In addition it makes use of the data in the following ways:
  • Notices of expiration. During each nightly processing notices and invoices are emailed to those subscribers that have memberships that are about to expire or have expired.
  • Demographic Information. The SCGuild compiles summary information from member data that describes the overall demographics of the SCGuild. No personally-identifiable data is used for this purpose.
  • Backup/Log Files. The backup archive files are maintained off-line. They are retained for years but are used only to restore profiles in case of data loss. Deleted profiles will be restored only on request (email) from a subscriber.

Sharing of Information
We do not sell or distribute our database to other sites or companies.

However, all data are posted on the SCGuild's web site to be shared with everyone on the Internet. Occasionally resumes in the SCGuild are scanned by robots from other sites. In the interest of getting the most visibility for our members' resumes we do not discourage this practice. But as a result there may be sites on the Web that contain data and resumes from the SCGuild, which we do not control.


Subscription account information is password-protected for member privacy and security. This password is stored only as an encoded hash (a strong one-way encryption). The original password is not retained. The SCGuild does maintain a carefully-guarded master password, known only to operations personnel on a need-to-know basis. This is ONLY used to reset passwords and make modifications to subscriber data at the subscriber's request (in writing by email) and occasionally to remove offensive material.

Notification of Changes:

The Software Contractors' Guild may amend this policy from time to time. If anything in this privacy statement should change in any substantial way, or if the SCGuild should change ownership or administration, prior notification will be published in the Software Contractors' Guild website or by email describing full details.

Who to contact regarding security issues:

If there are any questions regarding security or privacy matters, contact:

Updated March 28, 2014

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