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Who are we?

Welcome to the Software Contractors' Guild. The SCGuild is operated as a service to the software contracting community. We hope your membership will be helpful to you and your Contracting/Consulting business.

Unlike most job sites, the SCGuild is intended to be used as a business brochure or advertisement for a Software Contractor's business. Therefore, we expect that members will keep their profiles and resumes posted even after they obtain a contract. It is a way to generate interest in their business so that potential clients will seek their services when they are ready for the next contract.

  • Resume Database: These are resumes posted by our independent contractor members. Each member has at least 2 pages: the contact information page and one or more resume pages. All information is displayed. There is no hidden information. The information is indexed several different ways to make it easy to locate the best software contractor for a project. The listing is free to the contractor except for a small fee for premium services. There are no finders fees or fees to recuriters that hire the contractors. Recuriters must contact members directly for contract arrangements. A member's listing will remain posted up to 24 months after the last login or update.

  • Company Database: As a convenience for our members we have a list of companies that hire contractors:
      Software Contracting/Consulting Companies
      Offshore Software Development Companies
      End Clients Recruters
      Employment Agencies
      Discount Contract Brokers
    This list is automated. If you hire contractors and want to be added to the list or modify your listing click here for instructions. There is no charge for this service. A company listing will remain posted for up to 24 months after the last login or update.

  • Job Postings: The SCGuild accepts FREE job postings from anyone but the jobs must be current, real, and we prefer they be for software contracting work. For more information click on Posting Jobs. Jobs are posted for up to 2 months.

The Software Contractors' Guild is NOT a contracting agency or recruter. We do not provide such HR services as screening or making contracting arrangements. Each contractor who places a resume in the SCGuild is seeking contracting opportunities. There is NO finders fee or any charge to the client. There is no charge to the software contractor (other than for premium services) who finds a contract position through the SCGuild.

The SCGuild staff consist of:

David Keeney Administrator
JoAnne Keeney Bookkeeper/

We would like your comments and suggestions. If something in the SCGuild does not work with your browser, we want to hear about it. If you obtain a contract as a result of the SCGuild, or if you hire a contractor from the SCGuild, please send us email at because we like to know it is working.

If you are a member and would like to post something on your own website to indicate your membership in the SCGuild, we suggest something like this:

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An organization of Software Contractors and Consultants worldwide.

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	Software Contractors' Guild</b></span> </A><br>
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	An organization of Software Contractors and Consultants worldwide.
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Thank you for stopping by to check us out.


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