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Cory James hidden [MN]
Sarah Smith 1982-03-17 [MN]Healthcare Service Provider
Mark Goodell [MN]Software Engineer, Architect, Systems Integrator, Consultant   Charter Member
Available, No Agents Dev Manek -NOW- [MN]CEO
Available BRUCE C. JOHNSON -NOW- [MN]Senior IT Consultant
Available Chris Timmons -NOW- [MN]Software Developer
eCho Innovate IT [MN]Web and Mobile App Developer
eCho Innovate IT [MN]Web and Mobile Development Solutions in USA – eCho Innovate IT
Available, No Agents Kent Gorham -NOW- [MN]Software Engineer [C++, Java, Image Processing, Vision]
Available, No Agents Brian Carlson -NOW- [MN]Software Engineer
Available Shehbaz Ahmed -NOW- [MN]Software Quality Assurance Tester
Available, No Agents Bradley Bloyer -NOW- [MN]President
Mark Schoneman 2012-12-01 [MN]Consultant,Security,Cryptography ,LDAP, Identity Management   Charter Member
Available, No Agents Ramya Rasvin -NOW- [MN]Sr. SAN Engineer
Paul Hyde 2006-10-01 [MN]Java Specialist, Certified: J2EE, J2SE   Charter Member
Brian Olsen 2011-04-01 [MN]Senior Consultant
Steve Peterson [MN]Enterprise Architect
Michael Maddox 2010-09-01 [MN]Lead .NET Software Developer/Consultant
Karl Jones [MN]BBj / OSAS / Flex Developer
Walter Osikowicz 2011-12-31 [MN]Senior Consultant
Paul Ruffin 2005-02-10 [MN]Consultant
Daniel Ortmann 2009-03-20 [MN]Systems Engineer / Software Engineer
Jeff Urban 2008-11-01 [MN]Software Consultant/Developer
David Corbett 2006-07-01 [MN]Software Engineer
Gary O'Blenes 2000-06-01 [MN]Contractor

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