Membership levels

Membership Levels: We offer two types of membership, free and premium.
  • Free Membership. At this level you get a profile page and you can post one resume in HTML or TXT format. Your skills are not posted or indexed so you are less likely to be found during a local keyword search or Goggle search. If there has been no activity for two years (you have not logged in and updated your resume) we assume you have abandoned your membership and it will be deleted.
  • Premium Membership.For a premium membership there is a small fee of US$20.00 per year. At this level you get a profile page with skills listed and indexed. You will have the permissions to post up to three versions of your resume in HTML, Word, PDF, Rich Text, TXT or Open Document formats or perhaps different resumes for different types of potential clients. To sign up for premium membership, first signed up for free membership. Once logged in, click the link on your profile page. There is a link to pay the dues for premium service for a year. If the membership expires, it reverts to a Free membership.
The funds received for the premium membership are used to cover the expenses of operating the website. We appreciate your support. If you have any questions, send email to the WebMaster at

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