Help for Email Address Options

E-mail Address: On the entry form there are two fields for email address, a private one for internal use and a public one for external use. The private one is used only by the SCGuild for communications with you for automated invoices and (infrequent) notifications. Therefore, the private email address is a required field. Use the standard email address format.

The email address for external use is the one posted in your profile. Prospective clients must also be able to get in touch with you and providing a public email address is generally the best way to do this. We offer four email display options for your profile page.

  1. Show the private email address. Show the same email address that you provided for internal use.
  2. Show an alternate public email address. You can enter any email address that you want to be exposed to the public.
  3. Email-back option. Do not show any email address. Require clients to request that your contact information be emailed to them. This option prevents your public email address from being exposed where Internet robots can scan the pages and extract it for a spam list. Any prospective inquirer must click on a link to a page where they must enter their own email address. Your contact information will then be sent to their email address with a CC to your email address. The email address provided to the client will be your public email address.

    The SCGuild does not retain the inquirer's email address or use it for any other purpose.

    In addition to preventing spam, the email-back option provides you with the email address of someone that is interested enough in your resume to ask for your contact information. The CC email is provided to you so that you will know that your information is being distributed. You do not need to take any action. However this could be a hot lead. You might use it to contact the prospective client for follow up if you want to be aggressive in your marketing.

  4. Re-Captcha option. This option offers the prospect a link to obtain the your email address. This link goes to a page that prompts the user for two captcha entries. If they are successful, the email address is returned. This protects your email address from automated bots that harvest email addresses on the Web. As a side-effect, the Re-Captcha site uses one of the captcha entries to make corrections in difficult OCR scans of old books and manuscripts. So there is an additional social benefit. For more information.

Remember, all these preventative measures could be for nothing if you display your email address on your resume. Instead, add a link on your resume that points to the profile page for contact information.

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